Steamer Stations COMPLIMENTARY- Provide by INFORMA


Q-Who is eligible for the complimentary steamer station?
A-all participating exhibitors are eligible for the free steamer unit
Q-What do I have to do to use the complementary steamer unit?
A-When a steamer unit is available a specialist will request you to sign into the sign in
log sheet, At that point you would be directed into a steamer unit station.
Q-How long can I stay on a steamer unit?
A-30 minute per use.
Q-What If I need more time?
A- You're able to return to the line and wait for the next available steamer unit. If there
Is no one waiting on line you will be requested to resign your name back onto the log
sheet. Your time will now be restarted for an additional 30 minutes.
Q- My Booth number have multiple lines,. Can my team member use a different
steamer unit at the same time?
A- There can not be more than one steamer unit/section used at the same time from
the same booth. Exception: There are no lines.
Q-My steamer stop working - what do I do?
A-The SS will swap out a new steamer or move you to the next available unit/stations.